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Your customers want to use eCommerce to connect with you more than ever. B2B companies are looking to emulate the customer experience from best-practice sites, such as and Learn how to deliver a best practice experience and achieve strong value without the same multi-million dollar investment.

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Manufacturing and distribution leaders today know that digital commerce technologies are transforming all verticals, and those who lead organizations that haven't yet embraded digital technologies know that doing so is inevitable.

For many organizations, the required investment for digital qtransformation is a larger investment than what they are accustomed to, and weaving the transformation into the existing business involves several risks. How do you move forward fearlessly, understand how to manage the inherent risks and realize a return on one of the largest investments your organization will ever make?

Join representatives from National Association of Wholesale-Distributors, Insite Software and leading medical supply distributor Geriatric Medical and Surgical Supply in the upcoming webinar to discover how organizations can successfully take the digital transformation journey and realize significant ROI. With the right programs to drive the return, digital transformation can be the best opportunity in the marketplace today.